Kettlebells are possibly the best piece of workout equipment you could invest in. Besides being a fun way to get in shape, kettlebells can be used in many ways. Strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance are all improved with kettlebell training. So what is this tool and where did it come from? Kettlebells originated in the 1800’s in Russia. Who else to have a single tool to exercise with that could do so much? Kettlebells were used in markets back in the day, as weights.Literally weights to hold things down. Well, since men (and women now) can’t resist seeing if they can lift something, it became a sport. A kettlebell looks like a ball basically, with a handle on it. Not just any ball, but a weighted ball that can be purchased and used as a workout tool starting at 5 lbs. and going up to over 100 lbs. Make sure that when you speak of this amazing tool, that you say kettlebell: not kettle ball. That seems to be the common thing that people get wrong.

One of the biggest questions that is asked is “what is the difference in using a kettlebell, versus using a dumbbell or free weight?” The answer is simple. A kettlebell has the center of gravity in the middle of the ball. In order to swing a kettlebell, you must keep your core engaged the entire time. This makes it a great tool for strengthening the back and the abdominal muscles. It used to be said that we should “baby” a bad back. Now, countless studies have shown that when done properly, kettlebell training strengthens the muscles surrounding the entire core. Kettlebell training as actually great for preventing back injuries and keeping your back and abdominals strong.

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